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Project Description

Multi Language (Arabic and English) Web Application consist of 20 pages that has very simple business scenario in order to expose usage and technology decisions, it will use the following technologies, MVC 4, JQuery, JavaScript, EF, Unit Test, Integration Test, Coded UI Test.

This project will provide development standards, best practices in all its technologies, like, HTML code guidance, CSS and OO CSS code guidance, JavaScript and JQuery code guidance, MVC code guidance, C# code guidance, EF code guidance, Unit Test code guidance, Coded UI code guidance, DDD design guidance, UML design guidance.

This Project also will provide a TFS Collection which has, User Stories, Test Cases, Source Code, CI Build workflow, Nightly Build Workflow, QA and Sprint delivery Build workflow.

This project Provided and supported by TFS Egypt User Group


Project Sponsor and initiative


Tech Model Roadmap

  • Order System, Web App (Arabic and English UI)
  • VS Projects
  • Code Guidance
  • Selected CA and StyleCop rules
  • Custom CA rules
  • T4 Templates
  • VS snippets
  • VS Extensions and Macros
  • Best Folder structure for Source control
  • Bets Solution structure for easy navigation
  • TFS 11 Project Collection
  • Video Tutorial


Order System, Web App

  • Web Application consist of 20 pages that has very simple business scenario so we can apply our technologies and take our technical decisions based on a real implementation.
  • The Web App will be English and Arabic, so it will consider all localization best practices


Visual Studio Projects

  • Layard Architecture
  • MVC 4 Project
  • Domain Model Project
  • Infrastructure projects
  • EF project
  • Unit test projects
  • Integration test projects
  • Coded UI test projects
  • Usage of third party libraries (IoC, Mocking, Caching, Logging, BDD, etc.)


Code Guidance

  • HTML code guidance
  • CSS and OO CSS code guidance
  • JavaScript and JQuery code guidance
  • MVC code guidance
  • C# code guidance
  • EF code guidance
  • Unit Test code guidance
  • Coded UI code guidance
  • DDD design guidance
  • UML design guidance 


Selected CA and Style cop rules

  • We will select the best CA (Code Analysis) and Style cop rules that fit with our code and any output code will follow this rules


Custom CA rules

  • We will create custom CA rules for our guidance and code conventions


T4 Templates

  • We will create T4 Templates for UI (HTML + Razor +CSS+ unobtrusive JavaScript , Controllers), Presentation Classes, Mapping, etc


VS snippets

  • We will create VS snippet for (JQuery, JavaScript, C#, unit test, Coded UI, CRUD,  etc.)


VS Extensions and Macros

  • We will create any needed VS Extensions and Macros that will help us to be more productive


Best Folder structure for Source control

  • We will consider the best folder structure so it smoothly work well with source control, branching and build


Bets Solution structure for easy navigation

  • We will consider the best VS solution structure so it give us easy navigation through enterprise applications that consist of hundred of files.


TFS 11 Project Collection, it will has the following:

  • One Team project (Order System)
  • Order System user stories
  • Order System test cases
  • Order System Source Code
  • Check-in-CI build workflow(XAML)
  • Nightly build workflow (XAML)
  • QA and sprint delivery build workflow (XAML)


Video Tutorial

  • A set of videos that explain and describe the usage of our Technical Model in details


Build Workflow tasks

  • Compiling
  • Package  Web Application
  • Deploy the Web App Package to IIS (Build Server)
  • Deploy the Product DB to MS SQL server (Build Server)
  • Deploy the Test DB (Build Server)
  • Insert Test Data (Build Server)
  • Run Unit Tests (by categories, isolation, restore DB to original state) (Build Server)
  • Versioning the Assembly
  • Restore the clean snapshot of the QA Environment (Server and Client)
  • Deploy the Web Application to IIS (QA Web and DB Server (VM))
  • Deploy the Product DB to MS SQL server (QA Web and DB Server (VM))
  • Take Snapshot
  • Run the automation UI tests (isolation) (QA Web Client (VM))
  • Restore build snapshot
  • Generate the Help file

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